Beizama, Gipuzkoa (Spain)
27th July, 1987
Anjel Mari Peñagarikano

Your bodies were in a wood, naked,
shot through with arrows and lanced.
Ines and Alejandro, so hurt:
and all that you wanted,
to give your life as martyrs, you offered.

There’s mist in the Beizama skies
which brings tears to our eyes.
But why suffer so much?
‘Till now in all families wise
a martyr-relative’s been the greatest prize.

On Tuesday the sky’s clouded,
stars covered up, by two clouds from Coca crowded;
and you called to beg us
to give our forgiveness to those who chose
to bring your lives to a close.

Real rest is now your prize.
You send help for us to devise
how to send missionaries and bishops,
whilst the mist hides a star,
and your light is not yet so far.

Though you were attacked with darts,
we embrace you with arms and heart:
we’re glad you’re in heaven, uncle:
with verse and song goodbye,
in hope we’ll meet on high.

Translator’s note: This bertso has been translated in five-line stanzas following the rhyme. In any case, this translation is no more than an approximation, trying to show the meaning of the words rather than replicate its whole poetic quality.