Dark Sound brings the reader to the problem of so-called Ecopolitik in that region of the world.” – Review # 01 by Łukasz Komła

An excellent political statement.” – Review # 02 by Frans de Waard

The book is a pain to read. (…) To listen to the composition is to realize that noise can be murder.” – Review # 03 by Richard Allen

All the meanings are destroyed.” – Review # 04 por Patricia Arredondo

The unreadable word as statement? In the great scheme of things, everything we write is eventually erased.” – Review # 05 by Stephen Fruitman

Distinguished dark a philosophy of living hearing and the deadly silence.” – Review # 06 by Bad Alchemy

The book provides a significant overview to the political history and issues encountered as a result of the colonisation, and pacification of the indigenous people.” – Review # 07 by Matt Parker

Dark Sound is rather Borges-ian in its content.” – Review # 08 by Textura

Et c’est d’autant appréciable qu’ici la basse-cour est pleine et que cette réserve de bruits mécanico-futuristes.” – Review # 09 by le son du grisli

The project is a parabolic reflection of its subject matter, the redacted and silenced voices of the oppressed.” – The Year’s Best Packaging by A Closer Listen (2016)

Dark Sound tells a story that few want to hear, but that all need to hear: a story of a culture obliterated by greed and “progress.” –  Top Ten Field Recording & Soundscape by A Closer Listen (2016)

Mikel R. Nieto’s “Dark Sound” truly has love for its surroundings” – Review # 10 by Beach Sloth (2017)

The pervasive “black”, eventually, doesn’t hide anymore, but becomes the mandatory colour to engage with, in order to learn and understand what has been hidden, but must now be revealed.” – Review # 11 by Neural (2017)